Seaweed is one of Indonesia fisher commodities considerable potential as a producer of foreign exchange. Some types of seaweed high economic value and has been cultivated. Euchemia cottonii gelatin, sp. Is a producer keraginan, Euchemia cottonii. This is a type of seaweed producer keraginan are widely used as a raw materials for industry and additional foods, beverages, cosmetics, paints, pharmaceuticals, textile and other. Hence the request of this of kelp increased 5-10% annual.

Otherwise seaweed harvested in the morning, when the weather is sunny. For this of Euchemia cottonii sp. Seaweed harvested off as stretch of rope used to bind the seaweed. Seaweed is then washed with sea water to clean the mud  or debris that stack. Seaweed is then released form the cord, cleared of foreign objects such as rope, core, oysted, pieces of wood and other impurities, and then dried.


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